About North American Senior Living in Medford, Oregon

About North American Senior Living

At North American Senior Living (NASL) we are dedicated to developing and managing innovative, appealing and highly successful retirement communities that support residents’ wellbeing and happiness.

Our executive team is composed of President Tom Becker and Senior Vice President Pat Brown. Between them, they have over 70 years’ experience in the industry, and an impressive track record of developing high profile, award-winning senior living communities.

NASL provides a full spectrum of services, including development and management, marketing, finance and repositioning. 

Business Development & Repositioning

North American Senior Living’s executive team has an outstanding track record in creating innovative, appealing and highly successful senior living communities.

Our development expertise includes: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities. We develop well-designed facilities that are tailored to suit the distinctive tastes and needs of the local community.

We provide a full spectrum of development services, including:

  • Expert coordination of the development process
  • Assistance in forming the entire development team
  • Site selection, feasibility and development approvals
  • Negotiating construction contracts and monitoring progress
  • Revising and updating plans when necessary
  • Assuring timely development approvals and entitlements
  • Coordinating financing, budgets and financial reporting
  • Developing programs and amenities
  • Developing effective marketing strategies and facility operation

We enjoy the challenge of converting properties that are under-performing into communities that are vibrant and competitive in the current market. Transforming an outdated facility into an environment with high market appeal can seem like a daunting task. We have a lot of experience in what works when it comes to repositioning.

When you are thinking of repositioning your property, we can provide valuable strategic help, including:

  • Evaluating your physical facility, programs and services to identify key areas that need upgrading or change
  • Identifying and profitably filling market gaps
  • Providing strong project management
  • Re-branding your company to increase its appeal in the current market
  • Working with you to develop a powerful business plan that assures quality service delivery and fiscal sustainability
Business Development at North American Senior Living in Medford, Oregon
Management services from North American Senior Living in Medford, Oregon

Management Services

North American Senior Living offers a complete range of management services to help communities succeed on business and human levels. Our executive team has provided management services for decades, and we have a lot of experience in what works. Over the years, our deep understanding of operations and services has benefited our clients.

When we work with clients in management roles, we have several goals. We want to ensure that your facility runs smoothly. We also want your residents and staff to be happy and your business to be profitable. We can assist you with specific areas of concern, and we can also provide more fully engaged management, either by collaborating with you or providing complete management oversight.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that management strategies are aligned with your organization's culture. To evaluate the current condition of your property, we conduct a thorough review of the physical plant, staff, programs, amenities and financial management and systems. Once that assessment is complete, management support may include:

  • Updating management systems
  • Reviewing major operating practices
  • Investigating programs and amenities
  • Assuring regulatory compliance
  • Evaluating staffing levels
  • Reviewing training, recruitment and selection of staff
  • Reviewing facility and equipment utilization

Senior Housing Marketing Assistance

In today's highly competitive senior living market, marketing is a critical factor in determining your success. North American Senior Living offers marketing and consulting services that can help you rise above the crowd and increase your profitability.

Marketing and consulting services include:

  • Marketing audit (includes program pricing, community positioning, marketing materials, sales operation and performance)
  • Marketing plan development, implementation, and support
  • Strategic branding analysis and awareness
  • Customer service orientation
  • Advertising, promotional material, and website development
Senior Housing Assistance from North American Senior Living in Medford, Oregon
Finance services at North American Senior Living in Medford, Oregon


North American Senior Living can help you secure financing by working with equity partners, banks and other financial institutions. We have years of experience and success in this area. We know the lenders, and we understand what investors require. Financial institutions feel much more comfortable when they know that you are working with partners who have been there before