Memory care offered at North American Senior Living in Medford, Oregon

Memory Care Expertise

When we design memory care communities, our goal is to create environments where residents can live safely and comfortably. That's why we include design advances that have been shown to increase residents' comfort and decrease aggravation of their symptoms.

Our memory care programs cover the full range of care, and can meet the needs of residents with mild or medium cognitive impairment as well as the increased care needs of those in advanced stages of Alzheimer's. The level of care and attention we provide changes as residents' needs advance.

Our approach to memory care incorporates the latest advances in science and focuses on promoting the independence of each resident while supporting self-worth and dignity. In order to encourage emotional wellbeing for our memory care residents, we provide a wide variety of social programs that allow for interaction, stimulation, creative expression, and enjoyment.

Our well-trained care staff is another factor in the success of our memory care communities. Care staff members are educated about cognitive impairments, dementia and Alzheimer's on physical, emotional, and psychological levels. Our staff is trained to understand symptoms and behaviors and to relate to residents with empathy and warmth.

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