Our philosophy at North American Senior Living in Medford, Oregon

Our Philosophy at North American Senior Living

We are deeply committed to providing residents and their families with a healthy lifestyle that supports their happiness and wellbeing. The principles of successful aging are an important part of our philosophy.

These principles are described in Successful Aging, written by John W. Rowe M.D. and Robert L. Kahn Ph.D. The authors of Successful Aging found that lifestyle is far more important than heredity in determining health and vitality as we age. Genetics account only 30% of how we age, while the other 70% is influenced by a combination of lifestyle decisions, such as healthy diet, regular exercise, and social engagement.

We actively utilize these important principles in developing and operating our senior living communities. Our communities encourage independence, wellness, continued learning and varied social activities. We put a high priority on these important elements in order to assure a high quality of life and sense of wellbeing among our residents.