Management Services

North American Senior Living offers a complete range of management services to help communities succeed on business and human levels. Our executive team has provided management services for decades, and we have a lot of experience in what works. Over the years, our deep understanding of operations and services has benefited our clients.

When we work with clients in management roles, we have several goals. We want to ensure that your facility runs smoothly. We also want your residents and staff to be happy and your business to be profitable. We can assist you with specific areas of concern, and we can also provide more fully engaged management, either by collaborating with you or providing complete management oversight.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that management strategies are aligned with your organization's culture. To evaluate the current condition of your property, we conduct a thorough review of the physical plant, staff, programs, amenities and financial management and systems. Once that assessment is complete, management support may include:

  • Updating management systems
  • Reviewing major operating practices
  • Investigating programs and amenities
  • Assuring regulatory compliance
  • Evaluating staffing levels
  • Reviewing training, recruitment and selection of staff
  • Reviewing facility and equipment utilization

Group management with North American Senior Living